Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pace Wu and Lynn Xiong at Dolce and Gabbana

Pace Wu Pei-Ci and Lynn Xiong Doi-Lan took time to drop by the opening of the D&G store in Shanghai the other day to help convince women in China that Emporio Armani and Roberto Cavalli aren't the only places to pick up Italian dresses for 5,000 yuan and above. Way above. 

Pace Wu seems to have been in such a hurry to stand in front of a sign with her hand on her hip that she forgot her dress and didn't realize it time. Making a virtue of necessity she posed very prettily in her slip.

Pace Wu Pei-Ci

Lynn Xiong Doi-Lan

I am not sure what Lynn Xiong is wearing but the floral patterns are gorgeous and the bustier-like top and over the knee skirt complement each other--sexy and demure at the same time. Floral prints on bright primary colors look good and are appropriate for use in any outfit other than something super-formal--meeting a head of state, for example.

From CRI China

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