Monday, May 3, 2010

More from the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

A second batch, all from Zimbio, of red carpet pictures of the Hong Kong Film Awards.

First the impossibly elegant and still gorgeous Kara Hui Ying-Hung in a black boatnecked dress typical with its high neckline and snug fit, but given the deluxe treatment with a king's ransom in pearl accessories. Kara Hui looks great and clearly knows she does--at 50 she looks ready to take on the world again in "My Not So Young Auntie".

One more a slightly different pose and film speed (or whatever one calls the difference in skin tone from one shot to the next in digital photography)

Three of Kelly Lin Hsi-Lei. How do you improve on perfection? Super-glam black evening dress that looks like it was cut and sewn specifically for her. Her hair down but it works--everything works in this look. Kelly Lin is an extremely attractive actress and each part of this outfit shows off her beauty. A quick flip of her head or a bit of help from a fan offstage gets Kelly a casual wind-blown look in the last picture.

Zhu Xuan showing that red works really well on the red carpet. She is still sporting the short, wavy hair that fits her semi-retro look very well.

Zhu Xuan with Fala Chen who is wearing a completely different style--nice contrast between the two--which also looks great.

Here they are again--this time Fala Chen shows why the competition for the best light can seem like a rugby scum or ice hockey face-off. No one wants to disappear into anyone's shadow.

There are pictures of Gao Yuan-Yuan in the post from a couple of days ago but with such an elegant look there can't be too many. Even her shoes work--or almost work--although they look like a pair that she found in the back of her closet from a sale a few years ago. She, Kelly Lin and Kara Hui could give lessons on the not so simple art of looking relaxed and gorgeous while being blinded by flash bulbs, deciding where to stand and figuring what to do with your hands.

Another lady in red. Irene Wan Pik-Ha in what looks like Dior from the Fall/Winter 2009 collection or something based on that. The color works well as do the simple accessories. She has only been in a few movies over the past several years although was very decorative during the early 1990s and looks as if she still could be.

Lynn Hung Doi-Lam in a very formal ball gown looking either apprehensive or even shocked. She might be wondering who stole her accessories and purse--the plain look doesn't go with that dress. Anyone who wore it at Cannes, for example, might be sporting a tiara as well as lots of jewelry.

But she might also have just gotten a look at Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah's shoes. While nothing was going to make that green Dior (or Dior knockoff) dress look other than hideous she seems to be going out of her way to flash her shoes which are made of cork and plastic. They are something to wear with a pair of tight jeans and a crop-top while strolling on a Saturday afternoon if you want to give the boyz a thrill but they are ridiculous on the red carpet.

Miriam Yeung has the shoulders, neck, arms and general lovliness for a very bare look but this dress should have been the last choice for her--or anyone else. There might be someone somewhere who would look good in this but she was far from the Hong Kong Cultural Center on the night of the awards.

Perhaps the strangest of all was this young lady, described on Zimbio as "Ho Chiu-ying, daughter of tycoon Stanley Ho". While there is no reason that a billionaire shouldn't buy a spot for his daughter on the red carpet at the Hong Kong Film Awards--this isn't exactly the Nobel Peace Prize--she shouldn't wear a modified hoop skirt that would be just the thing at the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville. She looks like Hong Kong's answer to Miley Cyrus.


  1. Miriam just looks awful doesn't she? The very apt description that I saw described the dress as a garbage bag!

    Stanley Ho's daughter looks like she's wearing an inverted waffle cone.


  2. I am not a fan of Miriam's look here but when I was watching Love in a Puff on a big screen I was thinking how attractive she really is. I think she gets taken for granted as she's not an obvious sex symbol but she's got a lot of style and everyday grace and poise.

  3. I was surprised at the pictures of Miriam Yeung from this event--it was almost as if she went out of her way to not look good and to do so. She is a very attractive woman (and a talented actress with real comic timing) so this seems untypical.

  4. Thanks for the roundup, Ed!

    Kara Hui looks absolutely regal; Kelly Lin is smoking hot; and Zhu Xuan remains my new favorite retro-styled beauty.