Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chongqing Blues Stars and Director, Cannes photocall

One of the enduring and welcome traditions of film festivals or any other place where lots of celebrities gather is the photocall where evening gowns are worn at 10:00 AM and jet-lagged actresses hope the pictures going out around the world won't include any in which they look goofy. This was for Chongqing Blues.

Fan Bing-Bing working on her billion yaun smile:

We have a winner! The dress, with its teired flounces, long pleats and off the shoulder neckline, has benn done forever--because it has worked forever. The color suits skin tones wll and the butterfly jewelry accent at her waist is a nice touch.

Still working on that wave. The guy in the back with the Hitler haircut looks so offended he must be a rep from the How to Wave school Fan Bing-Bing attended.

Helpful hints for Li Fei-er on how to lean on a prop:

One of the tricky parts: make sure you show the zillion dollar ring and bracelet that have been loaned to you:

Li Fei-er flying solo:

Another great smile. The hat with the dangling earings work very well:

A safe choice--a sequined dress with a deep-V neckline and deep reverse pleats on the skirt with black insert. Her pose here, though, shows why it is almost always best to just give them a big smile.

From the back:

Director Xiaoshuai Wang, Fan BingBing and Zi Yi, with the photographers yelling "No, Mr. Wang your other hand".

Saving the worst for last--Hao Qin in a suit that beggars description. While the brown boots definitely don't go with it, might as well wear them since nothing could match that suit. Li Fei-er does her best to distract us from it.

But she gives up, showing just how appalled she is with having her sequined frock overshadowed by Hao Qin's iridescent, probably glow-in-the-dark monstrosity:

All photos Zimbio

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  1. LOL... love your commentary, Ed!

    Li Fei-er definitely has a captivating smile, but she really needs to stop doing the wink. Not only does it become ridiculous when done too often, the chances of it looking good in a photograph are pretty slim.