Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Teresa Mak in "The Peeping"

“The Peeping” is a political thriller uneasily mixed with softcore pornography, essentially a mystery with a twist ending interrupted by scenes of extremely attractive people simulating sex often but not always in very dark sets that kept the naughty bits properly obscured. Teresa Mak and Grace Lam were in two other films together, “Electrical Girl” and “Tortured Sex Goddesses of the Ming Dynasty” in which they were the actresses who kept their clothes on. Here they eagerly throw off their clothes and jump into bed while being watched on the cameras of surveillance expert Daniel Wu. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot, some which make more sense than others.

Grace Lam shows up in Daniel Wu's seedy Hong Kong private detective office with an offer that is so good he almost has to refuse it--one million (Hong Kong) dollars to place audio and video devices in the apartment of a Taiwanese councilor played by Teresa Mak, record everything that happens and get the original tape with no copies made to Grace. This is an easy job for someone of Wu's skill so most of the fee must be for something besides bugging the apartment.

We are never far from the next torrid encounter between Teresa and Grace or Teresa and Daniel or even a (clothed) breast size comparison between Teresa and Daniel's girlfriend played by Yum Kong-Sau. Both lead actresses look their most erotically enchanting though when simply looking at us through the camera:

Things don't improve from here, though. The seduction/sex scene between Teresa and Grace starts out clumsily and is shot and edited more to keep everyone's breasts covered than for an erotic punch so (astounded as I am to be writing this) it simply drags to an ending.

Here Teresa might be about to tell Grace to stop standing on her toe:

Since both are experienced and talented actresses the scene gets a bit steamier as it progresses:

There a some odd scenes that seem to be thrown in to insure both an adequate running time and the requisite amount of female flesh including this one in which Daniel's girlfriend, played by Yum Kong-Sau, who is jealous of the time Daniel spends mooning over the feed from the apartment, confronts Teresa in a restroom using what she thinks is her best weapon--her breast size. Teresa wins this round although it is hard to tell why since both women are wearing lingerie that could serve as a breastplate for Queen Boadiciea:

Things go seriously awry late in the film when the characters played by Teresa Mak and Grace Lam double cross each other. One result is shown here--Daniel Wu is in the background wondering why he passed up his chance to go to law school while Grace Lam wonders why the duct tape confining her is so loose.


  1. I was wondering when Teresa Mak would make an appearance again? ;p

    Did you notice that this film is listed as a comedy on HKMDB? LOL... was it that painfully funny, or should I say hilariously painful?

  2. I saw that "comedy" tag and wondered about it--I assume HKMDB imports stuff like that directly from the distributors who probably (I hope) just keyed it incorrectly. There isn't anything funny about "The Peeping"--it isn't even inept enough to be so bad its funny. It just isn't very "ept" in any way, other than a few delightful shots Teresa Mak and Grace Lam being gorgeous.

    I have a few more Teresa Mak posts almost ready--have all the parts, just need to assemble them.

  3. My biggest concern on "The Peeping" was to stay well away from crossing whatever line gets a blog thown into google blogger "adults only" hell.

  4. LOL... I think you very gracefully walked that line, Ed!