Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even more from Cannes: Li Fei-Er, Chongqing Blues - Premiere Red Carpet

But first, two images of the Cannes Film Festival poster with Juliette Binoche, an actress at whose shrine I will always worship.

French riggers work on a mega-sized version of the poster.

(poster images from xinhuanet)

More of Li Fei-Er on the red carpet for Chongqing Blues wearing a ruched and pleated fuschia off the shoulder gown that works for her. Not sure about the lipstick matching the dress look:

She is accompanied by Zi Yi who is wearing a white evening suit that would have been great at the senior prom in 1978. And brown boots. It is as if the actors in Chongqing Blues were issued these dumb boots just before they got on the plane and were told they had to wear them on the red carpet.

The most dangly of dangly earrings casting a strategic shadow:

Images of Li Fei-Er and Zi Yi from Zimbio

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  1. Yeah, Li Fei-er's lipstick borders on clownish. Same for the earrings. But otherwise, she looks great.