Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cannes opens, Fan Bing-Bing looks ravishing.

The red carpet pictures are beginning to dribble in from Cannes and here are a few of Fan Bing-Bing for "Robin Hood" which opens the festival.

Here she is looking a bit bored with just a perfunctory wave:

(Sydney Morning Herald)

Another shot, showing her parents didn't waste their money on all those classes they dragged little Bing-Bing to, teaching her to wave to the diva-starved masses:

She is wearing a one-shoulder gown, embroidered with dragons and aquatic flora that drapes perfectly. Some of the details:

Cartier jewelry including these earrings:

A few more:

Looks like its back to wave class:

(all pictures after the first from Zimbio)


  1. I love this dress, especially the waves on the hem and that extra splash up the front.

  2. Her dress is amazing. Drapes like a fishtail/mermaid dress, very fitted and tight to about the knees. The way the additional fabric becomes both a train in the back and, as you pointed out, in the front, shows audicious design and painstaking workmanship.

    And I love the pattern.

  3. I have to admit, I was impressed by her dress. Definitely eye-catching! The fishtail was cool, too. :D