Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Christian Dior 2011 Resort Wear show, Shanghai--who was there and what they saw.

The Christian Dior Cruise Wear show dropped anchor in Shanghai to show off John Galliano's most recent ideas of how wealthy women should dress while in St. Tropez and to support the gala opening of the Christian Dior flagship store on the Bund. This is the "Blue Mood" campaign with Marion Cotillard localized for Shanghai.

There were great looks on the runway and in the front row. The "frontest" front row with the boss, Bernard Arnault, his wife and Charlize Theron. Note to Fan Bing-Bing and her advisors: this is how to look while taking in a fashion show as the next seat guest of the owner of the house:

Across the way, Marion Cottilard, Zhou Xun and Barbie Hsu were front row guests. Zhou Xun looks like she enjoys being treated like a MOVIE STAR:

Maggie Cheung was in town. Here she looks a bit stern:

Caught with her eyes half closed but still quite fetching while posing with Syndey Teledano, CEO of Christian Dior:

Tang Wei looked lovely and was having a great time but had trouble with the idea of getting your picture taken and getting out. In the first picture below it looks as if she is being encouraged to hurry it up; in the second she is all but being hauled away by the equivalent of fashion show bouncers:

Li Bing-Bing is a red carpet veteran:

Barbie Hsu could use some coaching on how to project while just standing there, although she has the 1,000 watt smile down pat:

Charlize Theron, who has been to a few of these, would serve as a good starting point:

And someone needs to tell Barbie Hsu that a major show for one of the biggest fashion house that will be publicized everywhere is not the place to wear cheap shoes:

Dong Jie had the whole package: dress, shoes, accessories, attitude:

Guei Lun-Mei was very lilac and flower-like and full of confidence:

And had a better look than model Michaela Kocianova in the first appearance of the same dress although Kocianova would be at a disadvantage wearing a basted together, hurriedly assembled piece for a photo shoot instead of a properly constructed dress:

Guei Lun-Mei wins the "runway vs. reality" face off in this case.

Some of the other looks on the runway:
Liu Wen:

Danni Li:

Shu Pei:

Bonnie Chen:

Kelis performed after the show:

Images from WWD (I think every image on the net of this show can be traced back to the coverage by WWD/Style.com)


  1. I love those pics of Li Bingbing! She looks so laidback it makes her glamor look effortless.

  2. Great post!

    I was a bit disappointed in Charlize Theron. She looks like a hausfrau who's had a few too many brats. 8{

    Did you see that David Lynch shot a new 16 minute film ad for Dior with Marion Cotillard?

  3. duriandave

    Li Bingbing has a delightful presence both on the screen and on the red carpet. Love her.

    dleedlee--Thank you!

    I thought Charlize Theron (I corrected her name in the post, having looked up "Charlie Yeung a few times too many--oops) looked good. Without benefit of photoshop or 8 weeks of diet and training before a film shoot she has chubby upper arms and some extra padding elsewhere. But she isn't afraid to wear a very revealing outfit and comes across with a "I look really good" attitude.

    Of course I liked her in "Monster" for which she put on a lot of weight, wore prosthetic buck teeth and looked like she hadn't washed her hair in a few months. I kept thinking "Damn, if she would lose some weight and clean up a bit she would look a lot like Charlize Theron." :~[

    I haven't watched the Lynch ad yet--I am not his greatest fan although "Blue Velvet" messed me up quite well. Of course how wrong could one get with the title "Lady Blue Shanghai"?