Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty unleashed: Doutzen Kroes and Fan Bing-Bing on the Cannes red carpet

Doutzen Kroes doesn't have any projects at Cannes but she is always welcomed on any red carpet. For those keeping score at home she is 25 years old, stands 5' 10" and earned, according to the most recent Forbes listing, six milliion dollars last year doing ad campaigns and runway work. She always shows up on time and only drinks Champagne for breakfast on special occasions. East meets West, the perfect Causcasian meets the more perfect Asian, blah, blah, blah.

Here they are, all from Zimbio.

The first is just a lovely picture:

And this one is nice:
Someone did something cute--perhaps one of the photographers brought his kitten:
I lightened this one up a bit to show some of the detail in Fan Bing-Bing's dress, especially the V-shaped insert on the side seam. Seems strange but it clearly works:
I blew out the color on this one to show the fine detail on the back of her dress--a lot of embroidery (repeated on the hemline of the rest of the dress), lace and beading. There is a lot of well executed design there:


  1. Boy, Fan Bingbing is on a red carpet blitz. I wonder if she's angling for a Hollywood role. I saw at IMDB that she played in David Carradine's last film, Stretch, which is due out this year.

  2. Fan BingBing was in Paris looping the English language versions of it a couple of months ago--Stretch is due to be released soon in France although it isn't playing at Cannes, or not officially.

    Part of the idea with some actresses is that once they are at a film festival is to run them out in front of the cameras as often as possible. Naomi Watts, for example, is promoting "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" but has done at least one event a day where the photographers were out in force.

  3. Partly, I guess, it's because she's a spokesperson for L'Oreal, Official Makeup of Cannes. :D
    Also, an inside hint that Chongqing Blues may grab a prize or two, festival organizers have asked the cast to stay a few extra days.

    The backside of her dress looks a bit like one of those party poppers. 8}