Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Your Fan Bing-Bing update of the hour.

Why did Fan Bing-Bing wear a wedding dress to the premiere of the Mexican film "Biutiful" at Cannes? We don't know either but here are the pictures:

All from Zimbio

Coming soon--a post with no pictures of Fan Bing-Bing.


  1. I'm so glad someone is posting on Fan Bing-Bing. I lost the energy a year ago. But she does look lovely in all these Cannes pics so I'm glad you're giving them attention. How many projects is she actually promoting there?

  2. Glenn--Her only film playing at Cannes is "Chongqing Blues" which had its premiere the second or third day of the festival. She is featured in "Stretch" by the French director Charles de Meaux which is opening soon in France but not at Cannes.

    Most likely because she was there already and is a very popular red carpet personality (I have a couple of pictures of the mob scene she generates that I will post soon) the decision was simply to run her out there whenever possible.