Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gao Yuan-Yuan in Chinese wedding mag "Darizi"

If, like me, you can't enough of Gao Yuan-Yuan, here are some pictures from the May issue of "Darizi". If it is anything like the glossy bride magazines in the U.S. most of the pages will be ads aimed at newly engaged women and their mothers while the "editorial" matter will be pictures of models and actresses wearing the same dresses and accessories that the paid ads are pushing. These are from China Daily.

Gao Yuan-Yuan looked great at the Hong Kong Film Awards in her black floor-length slit on the seam gown but purple is really a great color for her:

As is ivory:

Here looking like a very calculating and subtle bride in traditional Western white. She could be thinking about a hostile corporate takeover she plans to announce later in the day after this wedding business is finished: 


  1. Gao Yuanyuan is certainly a beauty. But, maybe it's just me, she doesn't have a memorable face. I can never remember what she looks like. In that last photo, she looks a bit like Gigi Leung. :D

  2. Interesting point about the Gao Yuanyuan--an unmemorable face--or at least one a great deal of plasticity and ability to change--can be a great asset for an actress but less so for a celebrity.

  3. Probably my lack of my facial recognition skills. :D