Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maggie Cheung looking relaxed and terrific at the Dior party in Shanghai

It seems that in most recent pictures of Maggie Cheung--with the last 15 or 20 years as "recent" she looks great: composed, pulled together, perfect for the situation, whatever it might be. These images of Maggie Cheung from a Christian Dior party in Shanghai the evening before the festive reopening of the Dior store and the John Galiano for Dior resort wear show the following day show her relaxed, having fun and generally unaware of or uninterested in the camera. I think they are a delighful change from the pictures at fashion shows, film festivals and store openings that we generally see of Maggie.

As is often the case dleedlee was my initial source. Many other images, some reproduced here can be found at, and

Her Magginess:

Looking pensive and very "In the Mood for Love-ish"

With architect Peter Marino who does a lot of high profile fashion buildings and interiors--the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris, the Chanel building in Tokyo, luxury condominiums in New York City:

He could be whispering to her "I found this great leather bar just a few blocks away. Let's give this party an hour--a drink, a couple of dances--and then have some real fun."

You think you're cool? Check out what cool really is. Maggie looks like a blend of a tough biker chick and a high school girl at the malt shop with the captain of the football team.

Whatever the joke is the tall guy behind them doesn't get it.

Air kiss from some guy. Sidney Tolendo, CEO of Dior but looking a bit thuggish, is a discrete chaperone looming over Maggie's shoulder.

Required photo-op with Toledano and his boss, LVMH owner and CEO Bernard Arnault. Each of them is wondering: "How long before I can get out of here?"

And finally, posing with Peter Marino and John Galliano, having a bit more fun than with the suits in the picture above. Galliano is the the design chief for Dior and for those not familiar with him, has a much less flamboyant look than he generally does at events like this, with a waistcoat (instead of nothing) under his jacket, his hair braided and not carrying any props.


  1. Yeah, those pics of Maggie and Peter Marino are pretty cool. They make a great pair. And Maggie does exude some biker chic with those rings on all ten fingers. I wonder if that is what a "diamond knuckle" looks like! I pity the fool who provokes a punch in the face from her. ;p

  2. I wish Maggie would put on a little more weight. She is looking anorexic these days. This from someone who likes skinny, too. 8{

  3. duriandave--Maggie looks like she is hanging out with a friend and simply enjoying herself which is such a change from her more typical BRAND AMBASSADOR for some high fashion operation.

    dleedlee--I think she is just a naturally skinny/slender/slyphlike person although Maggie had that round faced look early in her career. Not sure if her dress is absolutely the best look for her at this stage of her career although since she is Maggie Cheung anything she decides up is axiomatically the correct decision.