Friday, May 14, 2010

But wait, there's more...

Back in the film days Kodak must have loved Cannes. Here are some "official" portraits of the girl of the moment, Fan Bing-Bing. What a shock.

Renault is an official partner of the festival part of which involves having stars photographed in cars or near their logo. Fan Bing-Bing was at L'Atelier Renault

Great colors, nice shoes. The picture in the middle looks like she has been driving all night--a bit of the "thousand yard stare".

Eva Longoria Parker had to settle for one of the least attractive ways to have one's picture taken, while getting out of a car. Even though if one is tiny and the are is big one will never look her best:

You would think the photographers would let her finish adjusting whatever she is adjusting before hitting the shutter but at least she won't be caught like the long limbed woman behind her, trying to cover up something with a small purse.

(All from Zimbio)

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