Thursday, May 13, 2010

More from the Cannes Chongqing Blues Premiere. Fan Bing-Bing (again)

The satellites must be burning up with just the Zimbio traffic from Cannes particularly since the decision was made to photograph and distribute every bit of the gown and jewelry worn by Fan Bing-Bing. So here are some of those images.

Starting with this one which is amazingly lovely.

She could be waiting for Vermeer to show up with his oils and easel here. That's writer/director Wang Xiao-Shuai offering his arm.

So, here it is: Long gown with countless pleats on the skirt, cap sleeves, very deep V neckline with a net insert and lots of sequins and rhinestones (maybe even some crystals) sewn into the top. All the flash make is sound like a wedding dress or a cheerleader outfit but it looks great.

For those hungering for details:

Very painstaking and complex work on the back of the dress although not the best for sitting through a two hour movie:


  1. I gotta admit: Fan Bingbing looks pretty regal. And all that earlier hand waving makes sense now. She was obviously practicing for this queenly moment.

    BTW, I love her purse. It looks like miniature tilework.

  2. Just to get overly cross-cultural I thought she looked like a bust of Pallas Athena with her hair like that although I couldn't find a good match with a quick look. Maybe I will get radical and look in a book--I might have one or two around here.

    The detail on the teeny, tiny evening bags can really be something. They are usually useless under these circumstances since there should be someone around to hand the red carpet walker anything she might need. But the purse manufacturers (big money, huge business) make sure they are in the hands of the stars whose pictures are taken.