Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zhao Wei in fashion shoot

Kicking off the unofficial first week of summer in the United States, the Tuesday after Memorial Day with some new pictures of Zhao Wei who has been spending her time recently finishing her MFA in directing in Beijing, picking up awards or sending regrets that she couldn't make the ceremony but would always treasure the honor of the award and not bothering to deny the usual rumors that she was either getting married, quitting the film business, moving to Antarctica or all three at the same time. She was able to stand still long enough for these pictures which were published in CRIOnline which picked them up from here.

There is a raft of Chinese entertainment sites available and since I deal with the sometimes blunt instrument of Google translation to read the text, the "who, when, where, what" part of the story doesn't always come across. This is the Google translation rendering : Recently, Zhao Wei was invited to take a group photo. New photo, the Zhao Wei fashion fantasy, like Barbie dolls.

Zhao Wei has talent to burn as an actress--seducing Karen Mok from across the street in "So Close", seamlessly moving from being an icy graduate student to a party girl for rent in "Green Tea", keeping our attention while sharing the screen with a soulful and often shirtless Chen Kun in "Painted Skin"--and has a rare beauty that makes her appear approachable and welcoming but goes far beyond cute.
I more or less worship the ground she walks on--or rather the film that her image is exposed on. Here the the pictures:


  1. She can do a dozen more crappy films and I'll still be interested in her as, like Zhou Xun, she's just a compelling and captivating actress.

    I did like Green Tea and So Close, obviously. And I remember Goddess of Mercy being good too.

    The less I say about Warriors of Heaven and Earth the better.

  2. I would pay to watch Zhou Wei read the Shanghai phone book in Esperanto. She is just enchanting.