Saturday, June 5, 2010

Michelle Yeoh at Cannes

Michelle Yeoh popped up in a few places at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival with two red carpet appearances and at least one shopping trip that was accompanied by a battalion of photographers and plenty of fans.

At the premiere of "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" she wore a Roberto Cavalli gown that was slit about as much as is possible:

Michelle Yeoh and Roberto Cavalli have had a symbiotic relationship for years: he sends her dresses she likes, she makes them look great for the massed photographers. Here are a few more including some with her new BFF, Evangeline Lilly who everyone loved for wearing something other than a ball gown.

The real knockout (once one stopped staring at Michelle Yeoh's legs) was her jade jewelry. It was supplied by Rafflesia in Kuala Lumpur--the necklace goes for a bit over two million dollars which doesn't include the jade butterfly brooch used as a hair pin or the bracelet.

She was much less bejeweled and be-accessorized at the premiere for "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" looking great wrapped in yellow chiffon.


Earlier she was doing whatever one can do while surrounded by photographers and fans and accompanied by at least one tall bodyguard looking type. Here Michelle Yeoh wore a Versace mini-dress, looking ravishing even with the huge sunglasses.

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  1. Michelle still looks as fabulous as ever!

  2. Yeoh is too masculine for my taste. She must be one of the few Chinese people able to wear the old Elton Johns. She and Jackie Chan. No one else has the hooter for it.

  3. duriandave: Right to the point and right on the money.

    ulaca: Michelle Yeoh has been very gifted in the proboscis department but to those of us who are her fans that is part of her charm.