Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spectacle and Details from a Cannes Photo Shoot

A few pictures from the premiere of the Mexican film "Biutiful" at Cannes showing the combination of fantasy, commerce and a bit of art all timed and planned to work with a very complex schedule.

An wide angle view showing some of the beauty of the setting: palms trees so perfect that they might as well be props, brilliant sunlight highlighting the whiter than white Mediterranean buildings that serve as such a lovely backdrop, the photographers in place trying to get a great shot. To the left of the center of attraction, Fan Bing-bing, is a blond woman in a long blue dress. She may be one of the people that keep everything moving while also making sure that the lensmen have the time to get the pictures they need and the crowd watching feels they have seen a real movie star.

A slightly closer in shot. The woman in blue is closer to the action, accompanied by an Asian woman, possibly a translator or aide for Fan Bing-bing.

Probably a little later on--the couple outlined in green look to be the next subjects while the photographers seem have spent enough pixels on Fan Bing-bing are are waiting for them.

Some of the intensity is apparent as we get down to the level where the work is being done. If the photographer outlined in the red box shouted that much every time a new celebrity appeared in front of him he must need a week to get his voice back.

Some of the results of the planning, standing around and yelling: Swarovski sent her their "Film" handbag to carry (I have never figured out what, if anything, an actress puts in her little purse when it is not really a purse but a prop for an unofficial advertisement) while jeweler Piaget supplied a few million dollars worth of white gold and diamonds from their "Limelight" collection to adorn her wrist and ears. Both fashion accessory companies got what they were looking for.



  1. Cool! It's nice to have a peek behind the glamor curtain so we don't forget that our fantasies are carefully staged and manufactured. I do like the bracelet, especially the way it falls in the second-to-last photo. And I thought it was a nice touch that Fan Bingbing refrained from wearing color nail polish with this outfit.

  2. Thanks--I was clicking through a lot of images from Cannes, mainly from Zimbio, and noticed the major domo type in the blue dress showed up in most of them that were panoramic, wide-angles shots. Which gave me the idea for the post.

    As far as Fan Bingbing's outfits and accessories, she was got a lot of positive notices from fashion blogs including and other heavy hitters. On reason for that is she is a relatively new face on the red carpet, which everyone loves--as long as she comes across with the beauty and sophistication they look for.

    Interesting about the clear nail polish which I hadn't really noticed. It worked really well--no one was going to be so taken with her blood red nail extensions as to forget the bracelet set with 211 diamonds.