Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Reign of Assassins" cast members Michelle Yeoh and Jung Woo-Sung

A couple of quick shots from the Shanghai International Film Festival with more to come. The online Chinese entertainment press is flooded with coverage but if your Chinese is limited or you just don't want to wade through a number of sites Dennis Lee has done most of the work for you.

Michelle Yeoh and her co-star in Reign of Assassins Jung Woo-Sung on the red carpet. Michelle Yeoh looks great while Jung Woo-Sung, a heartthrob in Korea where his buffed up image has moved a lot of merchandise for brands like Guess, seems quite young.

In the bad news, maybe not so bad news department THR reports that The Weinstein Co. has acquired North American distribution rights to Reign of Assassins which means there might be a timely release of the R1 DVD but it may never show up on the big screen here.

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  1. Already, I'm on red carpet overload. What I've posted was just the tip of the first-24-hours iceberg. The movie cast/crew photos are just starting to hit the Chinese news sites. Wait until they actually have film screenings!