Saturday, June 12, 2010

John Cusack and Gong Li are hyping "Shanghai" which is finally opening after many long delays. They were at a press conference and then the premier yesterday. Hilarity ensued.

Before things got rolling:

Cusack planting a kiss on Gong Li's sleeve, recreating a scene from the movie (or at least from the trailer) while avoiding any hint of scandalous behavior:

The presser gets underway with Gong Li answers questions wearing an outfit that looks like nothing more than an oversize sweater thrown over a satin slip; Cusack does the movie star cool look while the translator asks herself if this is really what she was looking for when she spent three years in grad school:

There might be a joke that John Cusack is not in on:

Here Cusack thinks he is saying "Goodbye everyone, thanks for coming" in Mandarin while Gong Li breaks up and the translator tries to make herself invisible:

Three shots of Gong Li doing what has made her successful and wealthy--looking like Gong Li:

From the premier where everything was a bit more formal. This is why the mermaid silhouette dress remains popular:

From xinhuanet

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