Friday, June 4, 2010

Warning: Cuteness overload. Li Bingbing and baby animal.

"Psychologies" magazine pinned the needle on the "Oh that's so adorable" meter with three pictures of Li Bingbing cuddling a tiger cub and one of her holding a delicate plant. No big costume changes from photo to photo but she is wearing a different top in three of them.

I am unfamiliar with "Psychologies" which looks to be a very earnest UK women's magazine. Celebrities holding small animals may be one of their trademarks--the current issue or at least the issue that popped up when I googled it had Elizabeth Hurley holding a chicken:

From CriEnglish and Psychologies


  1. You were right on the cuteness overload. Li Bingbing is gorgeous. Then I scrolled down to Elizabeth Hurley holding a chicken and I spit my soda out. What an odd picture! hahaha

  2. Now that's a lucky tiger!

  3. A lucky tiger indeed although Liz's chicken looks very calm and relaxed. Maybe its a pet.