Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ni Ni, Zhang Meng at the Independent Spirit Awards...

...although Ni Ni was identified as "Ziyi Zhang" (who?) by Zimbio. Xinhua and Yahoo China had their own gaffe, calling the Film Independent Spirit Awards the "small Oscars" which they aren't although the Spirit awards are presented in Los Angeles the evening before the Academy Awards.

Anyway, here's Ziyi Zhang:

Or as she is known in the rest of the world, Ni Ni:

Zhang Meng kept her company on the red carpet:

Zhang Meng's dress made the most of her cleavage, called to the anger of feminists but probably not completely inaccurately, her career line:

 Zimbio moves a lot of data in several languages 24 hours a day from all over the world and they have probably made more egregious errors than this one but that doesn't excuse slapping an incorrect ID on images of an actress and not even using the preferred form of the wrong name.


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  1. It's funny, to some Chinese, westerners look almost the same, guess it applies the other way round. I've wrote a post about Ni Ni, welcome to drop by :)