Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pace Wu does Paris, walks for Betsey Johnson

Pace Wu has been making the rounds at the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 and has made quite an impression with designers, particularly Betsey Johnson who had her on the runway for what might have been Johnson's last show.

Backstage with the designer with the hustle and bustle of show prep in the background.

The punk dowager empress look has yet to catch on.

Hair and make-up done and ready to hit the runway.

They seem to have found a look somewhere between Elsa Lanchester as the "Bride of Frankenstein" and 1960s American radical Angela Y. Davis.

It took three people (at least) for her hair.

She had a less hectic time of it--and probably not as much fun--with a few other designers. Pace Wu strikes a pose at the Lanvin show.

In a lovely LBD (little black dress) at Chloe.

Saying hello to Geoffroy de la Bourdonnaye, Chloe CEO.

Arriving at the Jean-Paul Gaultier show--killer suit, striking sweater/shirtfront combination, overly coordinated accessories.

You lookin' at me?

Sina; Zimbio

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Michelle and Jean go to the movies

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt mingled with other members of the glitterati at the official opening of Cite du Cinema, Luc Besson's huge new studio complex in St. Denis just outside of Paris. Besson and his backers hope to lure big Hollywood pictures to the everything under one roof facility. Luc Besson directed Michelle Yeoh in the recent succès d'estime The Lady.

She looked perfectly fetching, as always, and seems to have had an affect on Jean Todt who was wearing an evening suit that actually seemed to fit.

She brought her magic wrap/shawl/stole--the one that floats in midair:

The studio complex occupies the site of a former power station. They kept the structure of the monumental nave, an impressive place to throw a party:

Plenty of room on the sound stages for everything, including building sets:

Zimbio; Variety; AFC

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Chinese movie business gets an MTA

Top international model Du Juan was the first Asian on the cover of French Vogue and was on the cover of the first edition of Vogue China. She has opened and closed shows for Valentino, Hermes, Givenchy and a lot of other fashion houses.

Now comes word that she has a featured role in Peter Chan's movie American Dreams in China (working title) that is set in the 1980s so we may see her in big hair and padded shoulders.

Or perhaps not.

However her stint in "American Dreams in China" turns out, we hope Du Juan's film career is more like that of Cameron Diaz, Monica Bellucci or Aishwarya Rai and not that of Elle McPherson, Giselle Bundchen or Paulina Porizkova.

Chinese Films; FGR

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maggie Cheung in London

Her Magginess looked absolutely smashing at the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 show at London Fashion Week. Sina had a dateline on their original story of September 17, 2013 but, disappointingly enough, corrected it.

She wore a jacket with more buttons than jacket and fit right in to the front row that included Dita Von Teese, Anna Wintour and a bunch of British socialites plus Korean actress Jeon Do-Youn who was seated next to her.

Sina; Zimbio

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sun Li hugs some orphans

Betty Sun Li dropped into a refuge for "orphans and disabled children" (according to the on the fly Google translation from Yahoo China) to get them and herself some publicity. Using unsuspecting children as props is nothing new in the entertainment business but it be rough on the kids. The blog Good Intentions are not enough discusses orphanage "voluntourism" (odd word but it works) of the non-celebrity type and gives a thorough indictment of it.

A movie studio or publicity firm setting up pictures of an actress with an available child seems more cynical and reprehensible. In ordinary orphanage tourism the volunteer/tourist gets an emotional charge from spending an afternoon or a few days developing an emotional bond with a child although it can lead to feelings of abandonment in the child the new adult in their lives stops showing up. When it is done as part of a promotion for a business it lacks even the ardent effect for the Lady Bountiful dropping in.

This is certainly not an indictment of Betty Sun Li--since she is a successful actress and a beautiful young woman there would plenty of people telling her how wonderful she is already. Artists who appear in front of the camera are used to being told what to do, where to stand for the right light and what to say and a staged photoshoot like this wouldn't be much different from going on location to film some scenes for a movie. Hit your mark and say your lines or hold your prop, look happy or concerned and get ready for the next shot.

Yahoo China; Good Intentions are not enough; The Telegraph; Child Safe Network

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun with transliteration

The headline over the Chinese Films story on the premier of Resident Evil: Retribution in the United States is (unless it has been changed) is "Resident Evil: Redistribution" Premieres in America.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Li Bingbing Resident Evil 5: Retribution roundup.

Probably all you will ever need to know (and a good deal more than you may want to) concerning Li Bingbing's globe-trotting week hyping her latest movie.

First was Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian premier. The exhibitors got their money's worth as she did a press conference, greeted fans (many decked out as very clean looking zombies), did media rounds and walked the red carpet.

Li Bingbing announced in Malaysia (or was said to announce through an unnamed agent) that while she was willing to go to the ends of the earth for her masterpiece, she wouldn't set one foot in Tokyo as long as the Japanese disputed Chinese sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands according to Yahoo Malaysia. The rumor mill of the geopolitical-entertainment complex was in high gear with other unattributed stories claiming her scenes had been cut from the film in Japan and that her image was edited out of the Japanese posters.

The final premier was in Hollywood--it looked like a big splash. She looked great in a barely there dress in transparent black chiffon with strategically placed islands of applique flowers.

Just the thing for cuddling up with co-star Milla Jovovich

And posing with Milla and Sienna Guillory

This is an interview shot at the premier where Li BingBing announces that the movie is a huge hit in Taiwan and poses for lots of pictures.

She has a few "blink and you will miss them" moments in the current trailer including at the very opening and at the 1:50 point. It is clear the distributors weren't counting on Ada Wong to sell many tickets in the U. S.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yao Chen lights up New York

Yao Chen was in New York for Fashion Week and had her picture taken in front of a NYC taxi .

She looked great in a T-shirt with a vertigo-inducing pattern and skinny black leather pants. Here she is backstage at the Vera Wang show with the labelled stations for the garments for each model in the background.

With Vera Wang her new BFF.

Yao Chen and Vera Wang flank Andre Leo Talley, Vogue editor at large (very large) and Jabba the Hut impersonator. While neither is particularly tall and both are quite slim, the women look like Hummel figurines next to a beached whale in this shot

All over the place in the Chinese entertainment press. I saw them first at Xinhua.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angelababy in Venice

Angelababy made the rounds for Tai Chi 0 last week at the Venice International Film Festival and spent an afternoon looking pensive on a concrete jetty. First the photocall for Tai Chi 0 in a sleek printed Herve Leger number based on his iconic bandage dress.

Showing a few of her Tai Chi "pushing hands" stances:

There was a completely generic shoot on a nondescript part of the waterfront. It could be filed under the heading "we flew halfway around the world for this?" since the images could have been done anywhere with some concrete and water.

Looks like Angelababy packed only one pair of shoes, cheap looking open-toed stilettos that might have been purchased at Stripper Heels R' Us that she wore for both the photocall and on the waterfront.

Glamor personified on the red carpet for the premiere of Tai Chi 0 accompanied by Tony Leung Ka Fai who cut an elegant bella figura himself.

Sina; China Entertainment News; Zimbio

Zhang Ziyi at the Toronto International Film Festival

Zhang Ziyi with the producer, director and co-star at the photocall for Dangerous Liaisons, looking as if she would rather be anywhere but onstage in Canada's world city. Appearing stern, annoyed or bored (or all three) Zhang Ziyi went through the paces to get some publicity for the film.

The term "grim smile" seems almost self-contradictory...but here are a couple of examples:

She loosened up a bit while addressing the assembled press.

Her mood lightened up for the premiere of Dangerous Liaisons, after she ditched the outfit with the purple feather epaulets for a knockout modified column dress.

The same group as the picture at the top of this post with our heroine flashing some cleavage and hitter a 1000 watt smile.