Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Beijing Second International Film Festival Red Carpet

Angelababy directing traffic with Zhou You-ting and Cindy Yen.

Gorgeous dress, perfect for Angelababy.

Zhang Ziyi in what was for her an informal look. She has set aside the princess dress/ball gown look for now.

Yao Chen and Wang Xueqi who look like they are posing for the top of a wedding cake.

Yan Ni also in the reddest of reds, goofing around with Wang Xiaoshuai.

Sina; Yahoo China

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beijing Second International Film Festival Red Carpet

The red carpet area at the Beijing International Film Festival was HUGE with enough space to land a 747 without disturbing things. Fan Bingbing looked magnificent in a blood red, floor length gown with a beaded lace insert along with kitschy (but very expensive) Judith Leiber pagoda evening bag.
Dennis Lee has a stack of FBB images from this event.

Zhang Jingchu looked great in a strapless dress--or would have if the designer hadn't gone nuts and included a the biggest bow of the season.

The only thing bigger was Nicky Wu's pompadour.

Getting prepped backstage.

Zhang Xin Yi brightened things up in a color block halter dress and electric hair.

Huo Siyan in a gorgeous floral print gown--floral designs can be chancy, either too fussy or too much like granny's living room curtains but when the designer hits it right (which D&G did here) it really works. The jeweled maroon belt was a perfect accessory.

Yahoo China; Zimbio; One Asian World; Judith Leiber

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Karen Mok touts new DVD

Karen Mok wearing a nondescript jumpsuit looked ravishing (as usual) at a press conference promoting the release of a new DVD of her last concert before her marriage and one with highlights of her twenty year (!?!) career. Karen Mok would look great if she decided to wear a chador to her next appearance.

Xinhua has the story.

Fan Bingbing in "Madame Figaro"

Fan Bingbing and the stylists at "Madame Figaro" have done the impossible--or at least the very difficult. For the first time since it was introduced the Victor and Rolf bright blue dress with mesh cutouts actually looks good on someone and doesn't make her look like a clown or a hobo.

More pictures and words at Xinhua.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More from the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

Kara Hui, Sandra Ng and Angelababy hit the red carpet a couple of days ago at the HKFA. Kara Hui seems to look better with each passing year. She presented the award for best action choreography.

She has such a devastating smile and all the poise and grace in the world.

Sandra Ng struck a pose and got a laugh from husband Peter Chan Ho-Sun

Angelababy got everything just right; Gordon Lam looked like that cat that had lapped up a lot of cream, making an entrance with her on his arm. The belt is the perfect touch for her dress.

Xinhua; Sina

Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Reis for Dior

Dior CEO Sidney Toledano was supporting the brand in Shanghai and brought towering supermodel Natalia Vodianova along with actresses Zhang Ziyi and Ni Ni plus retired screen beauty Michelle Reis to help with the publicity. Vodianova has been busy divorcing billionaire sprig of nobility Justin Portman and finding comfort in the arms of another billionaire (or at least the heir to billions) Antoine Arnault, son of Bernard Arnault the extremely wealthy and very powerful head of LVMH is the controlling shareholder of Dior. For those keeping score at home if the Arnault/Vodianova fling becomes a marriage she will be the niece of Salma Hayek something that would make big family gatherings pretty cool.

Natalia Vodianova with Sidney Toledano:

Zhang Ziyi looked elegantly perfect or perfectly elegant in a redder than red Dior gown with a strikingly embroidered neckline.

Michelle Reis stole the spotlight simply by showing up--she stands out even in a world of beautiful actress and models.

Ni Ni took the sultry and sexy road in a short knit dress and great makeup, particularly her eyes.

Sina; Yahoo; Dior Magazine.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

31st Hong Kong Film Awards red carpet--part 1

Everybody who was anybody was at the Hong Kong Cultural Center on Sunday looking good on the red carpet and giving each other statuettes. Unlike last year the torrential rains stayed away and a good time seemed to be had by most.

There was an unfortunate shortage of really awful gowns on display--no recycled prom bombs, nothing that looked like it had been stitched together from Aunt Zhu's living room drapes, no giant Glad bags. There were enough sequins, spangles and rhinestones to choke a brontosaurus and plenty of long skirts with long slits. Some of the men looked dressed for a night of bowling or a day at the track which is customary at gala events in Hong Kong.

The entertainment press ran as many images of Shu Qi than of any other five actress together. With no Bingbings to concentrate upon she was the default for glamor. Here she is with Anthony Wong. Her dress goes overboard with visible panty lines--looks like it needed an opaque lining:

Anthony Wong either offering his arm or showing off his manicure:

Backstage, both of them looking as if they had lost a bet and as a result had to wear ridiculous shoes to the big event:

Yang Mi, with Shawn Yue on her arm, led with her strength--her dynamite figure in a tight but not too tight white dress with dangly diamond earrings and a diamond bracelet. The jewelry could have been made from pop-top pulls, the sparkly bits overwhelmed by the simplicity of a beautiful woman in a perfect dress:

Coco Chaing Yi looked like the survivor of an explosion in a chiffon factory and vamped it up on the red carpet:

Cissy Wang and Donnie Yen looked perfect which is customary for them:

Donnie knows how to make an entrance to the birthday party of a fashionista (guess who) carrying a big Chanel shopping bag:

Sina; Xinhua; Go to Yahoo China if you really want to wallow in red carpet pics.

More to come.