Sunday, December 30, 2012

Anita Mui Yim-Fong: et lux perpetua luceat ea

Anita Mui succumbed to cancer nine years ago today (or yesterday, depending on which side of the international date line you are) having made an impression on untold numbers of film and music fans, as well as her fellow artists, during her too short career.

People's Daily had the official English language version of her obituary and the web was full of remembrances of the effect she had on people. She was an astonishingly sexy performer--the camera loved her full lips, perfect for bright red lipstick, and her remarkable hooded eyes with their heavy lids and come hither look.

This fan site has pictures from her last concert.

There are a lot of images from her films and concerts (plus some from civilian life) on various tumblr pages such as this one. A quick search of will return scores of sites.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Karen Mok drinks whiskey with Jude Law

Diageo plc gave a party for the opening of "Johnnie Walker House Beijing", described as the world's largest embassy for luxury Scotch Whisky outside of Scotland. Who knew that distillers had their own embassies, just like sovereign nations? Karen Mok was there decked out in striking but turquoise and black:

She earned her money by holding up the product while looking great:

Chatting with Jude Law who looked as if may have had a few drinks before things started:

And had a big smile (even by Karen Mok smile terms) when the brand execs showed up:

Pace Wu was at the event as well, also dressed in green, and looking lovely which seems to the the case generally with her.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yao Chen gets married, attends movie premiere in fan garb

Yao Chen is Tourism New Zealand's brand ambassador for China. She showed some love for her client by tying the knot with her new husband, cinematographer Cao Yu in Queenstown, a top resort area on the South Island.

Yao Chen and her father arrive at the church

Strategic use of black umbrellas to block the paparazzi:

Allowing Yao Chen to control what images were released--like this one:

She stayed down under to shoot the next publicity campaign then topped off the trip in Wellington in a killer blue dress and hobbit ears on the red carpet for the premiere. The 100,000 or so Middle Earthlings in attendance were delighted.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

49th Golden Horse Awards--Kwai Lun-mei, LBB, Lin Chi-ling...

Kwai Lun-mei was named Best Actress at the 49th Golden Horse awards held Saturday, breaking an otherwise clean sweep by artists from Hong Kong and the PRC.

Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing presented the award. LBB's dress looked beyond conservative and almost too dull although it was a great color.
Kwai Lun-mei looked pretty amped at winning for her role in GF*BF:

And seemed to not quite believe it as she exited--this is also where we see that Li Bingbing's dress wasn't quite as conservative as it looked from the front.


With Lau Ching-wan who won Best Actor for Life Without Principle:

Qi Xi with her trophy for Best New Actress for Mystery:

Liang Jing won Best Supporting Actress award for Design of Death:

Lin Chi-ling almost stole the show and dominated the coverage in much of the Chinese entertainment press--Sina ran a story with 67 pictures of her in this dress. It was designed by Versace and possibly constructed by Taiwanese engineers that build cantilever bridges:

All the "netizens" were suitably outraged at her when she mimed a kiss with Huang Bo before presenting the Best Picture award:

Denise Ho and Mavis Fan were in the audience and on the red carpet. Denise Ho, who recently, to the surprise of no one at all, came out as a lesbian had a real "don't mess with me" look:

Mavis Fan looked great--and pretty tough herself--in her tattoos and little black dress:

Sina; Xinhua; Yahoo SingaporeChinese Films

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fan Bingbing in uniform for VISCAP

VISCAP has a splashy show every spring and fall for its Yaun Bing brand and followed up the Spring/Summer 2013 collection shown in late October with a striking photoshoot in "Inspiration" magazine.

Fan BingBing glammed it up with the assistance of a couple of male models (VISCAP has a menswear division) and some well chosen props.

They might have been trying for a "Brideshead Revisited" meets "The Great Gatsby" look with a bit of beautiful girl in a butch uniform for fetish fans.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zhang Ziyi in Rome for Save the Children

The international charity Save the Children (STC) and Bulgari which is owned by LVMH, the "world leader in luxury" had a gala dinner in Rome to show the world how wonderful they are. STC runs worthy programs in some not yet post-conflict places like South Sudan, Somalia and Mali in Africa as well as more front of mind war zones--Afghanistan and Pakistan. One criticism of STC is that a large portion of the funding for the powerful USA wing comes from the United States government which then has a significant say in the policies of the charity. What the hell, no one is perfect although some are less imperfect than others.

Zhang Ziyi, just appointed International Ambassador for the charitable effort, was an honored guest. She looked glamorous and relaxed while arranging her skirts during the photocall;

Looking over her shoulder in the garden;

Or posing with Donnie Yen and Cissy Wang:

The setting was the appropriately ostentatious vulgarity that the Romans do so well.

Zhang was seated next to Bulgari CEO Micheal Burke, here discretely turning away while she takes a picture of herself to tweet to the gang back home.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Li Bingbing and Michelle Reis cut ribbons

Li Bingbing was in Taipei for the 49th Golden Horse Awards and dropped in to help open the new Gucci flagship store while she was in town.

She watched and applauded as an imported craftsman hammered out her initials on a luggage tag...

Nice work, bro!

There was also a huge, oddly colored leather bag with her monogram (Latin alphabet, of course) that looked too large to be practical for much of anything.

Gucci gets its money's worth with a snip of the banner...

And its time for a quick glass of Champagne.

Meanwhile Michelle Reis was in Hong Kong doing the honors for super-luxury French jeweler Boucheron, draped in emeralds and looking flawlessly beautiful.

Helping with the heavy lifting...

Making quite an entrance (or exit, it doesn't really matter in this case)

Meeting the press.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Zhang Ziyi featured in fashion mags

Three of our favorites were on the cover and in the lead editorial inside of three different magazines last month.

Marie Claire had Zhou Xun in feathers,sequins and leather topped with an angular bob:

Flaunt lined up Zhang Ziyi for some edgy shots in leather underwear:

Zhao Wei was seductive and mysterious in Figaro:

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