Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kitty Zhang in "Trends Health"

"Trends Health" had some striking images of Kitty Zhang Yuqi:

More pictures and the article they accompany (but do not illustrate) are at Xinhua. The article seems to be saying that Kitty Zhang Yuqi is more emotionally grounded and artistically mature than one expects from a 25 year old actress.

Fan Bingbing out late in Tokyo

A lucky photographer encountered Fan Bingbing one evening during the Tokyo International Film Festival checking out the late night sights after a grueling day of judging films for the TIFF jury.

Xinhua has a few more pictures.

Michelle Yeoh in Rome and Doha for "The Lady"

Michelle Yeoh has been making the international festival rounds (if this is Qatar it must be Tuesday) in support of "The Lady", the film biography of Aung San Suu Kyi.

In Rome, accepting applause from the house at the festival premiere:

Jean Todt, in the middle of the busy fall season for Formula One, had the time to find a suit that almost fit. Some people constantly in the public eye are paid to wear a particular brand. Menswear brands and retailers might pay Jean Todt not to wear their stuff.

He looks more like a petit bourgeois shopkeeper than the honcho of the world Formula One operation:

Zimbio; Sina; Xinhua

The next day she was at the improbably named Doha Tribeca Film Festival at KOAT in Qatar.

With director Luc Besson and producer Virginie Besson-Silla:

KOAT is the Katara Open Air Theatre which can be reconfigured for any event--here is how it is set up for the film festival:


Zhang Ziyi hypes mobile phone in Shanghai

Zhang Ziyi took a break from shooting "Dangerous Liaisons" to pick up some easy money by holding up a cell phone.

Not looking very happy:

A bit more relaxed, almost a smile:

The shot the client paid for, holding up the phone:

Big smile, firm handshake, check probably tucked into her tiny evening bag:

Xinhau; CRI

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eva Huang: a photographic calling card for action roles in Hollywood

Eva Huang emerges from the smoke with some vicious looking weapons, leather hotpants and killer boots.

She also shows she can pretend to throw a knife while standing on one foot, part of the skill set the aspiring action actress is expected to have.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gong Li, Amer, Part II

Gong Li risked standing up and moving around in Amer lingerie and got stuck with an extremely stiff and uncomfortable looking underwear exec for her pains. There are ten pictures in this Xinhua story alone of posing with to Mr. Personality including when it became too boring even for a trouper like her:

One would think she was dressed head to to in Amer products, but while the bustier and belt looked great the parachute pants from M.C. Hammer left something to be desired:

They didn't look good in he 80s and still don't:


Monday, October 24, 2011

Gong Li for Aimer Lingerie, China Fashion Week

Gong Li pitched Aimer lingerie during a press conference at China Fashion Week in Beijing. Possibly recalling her mishaps two years ago with a badly designed train she stayed seated for her presentation.


Shu Qi in Paris for S.T. Dupont

Shu Qi took her million dollar smile to Paris for luxury accessory maker S.T. Dupont. She was joined onstage by a grinning idiot but soldiered on regardless. Dupont is known mainly for their pens which run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and their lighters which are more expensive. Love her over-the-knee stockings.

"Hey, they really work!"


Fan Bingbing in drag for new microfilm

Microfilms--movies that are shot and edited like "regular" films but only run five minutes or so--are growing in popularity in China. Fan Bingbing appears in one en travestiand Xinhua had some intriguing stills. While she looks suitably subversive in the Bond Street gear, I think the shots of her rolling out of bed in a sweatshirt show a touch of genius. The mood ranges from somber to pensive to suspicious.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fan Bingbing on jury for Tokyo International Film Festival

When not busy looking perfect on the TIFF green carpet (Tokyo is known as the most eco-minded of the festivals) Fan Bingbing will be on the festival jury, headed by producer Edward Pressman.

A bit more about it here.

Vivian Chow appears for TSL Jewelry

Since there never can be enough pictures of Vivian Chow Xinhua was kind enough to run a few of her wearing diamonds from jewelry chain Tse Sui Luen.

Quite a dress. She looks as if she stopped in on her way to a wedding--her own wedding.

The guy in jeans on the left of theses pictures (to Vivian Chow's right)--who is more in focus in these shots than she is--seems planted there for the evening. He isn't modeling anything and doesn't seem to be a security guard; maybe he is just part of the ambiance a company gets when it rents this hotel ballroom.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Closing Red Carpet at Golden Rooster Awards

The awards have been handed out at the Mainland's answer to the Academy Awards and some of our favorites hit the red carpet; their outfits ranged from demure to stripperific.
Vicki Zhao Wei was the image ambassador this year. She was the MC for the awards themselves, introducing the presenters and other performers plus filming an underwater dance with a couple of male dancers--but more on that later. She looked elegant in a black dress with an art deco texture. She may not have realized how transparent it became when the camera flashes hit it.

Zhou Weitong and her stylist knew exactly how this already transparent with strategically placed patches dress would look--this isn't the first time she has worn a variation of it. One of the oddities of Google automatic translation from Chinese to English is that this becomes a "clairvoyant" dress. Which it might be.

The Twins stood out in bright (almost) primary colors.

The unmistakable Queen of Swords, Cheng Pei Pei, is on the left.

Three looks on actresses emphasizing their cleavage. First is Gong Xinliang in an outfit that falls between grotesque and really stupid. She leads with her strength but doesn't look happy about it.

Li Yifei in a classic look that has been a favorite red carpet look for busty women for decades.

Chrissie Chow keeps it simple with a plunging neckline. Hu Ge serves as her arm candy and looks quite smug about it.

Huang Lu in a classic Empire waist dress; the color would work almost anywhere except on a red carpet where it clashed badly. She is accompanied by Ye Shanhao.

Li Ai in a black chiffon-y dress and ballet flats--the other side of the stripper platforms that show up occasionally.

Vivian Hsu in a sequined flapper dress and oddly colored shoes. She manages to look great all the time wearing just about anything.

Lots more at Ifeng and Sohu.