Monday, January 30, 2012

Zhao Wei in Harper's Bazaar

Zhao Wei lounging around (with heartthrob Huang Xiaoming) serving as a display for expensive jewelry, looking cool and languorous.

A few more at Sina

Chrissie Chau hands out money as superheroine

Put Chrissie Chau in tight leather pants, a satin top with a plunging neckline, boots and a cape and you will draw a crowd. Have her hand out money to poor people and you will have a photo-op that one might think exploits the poor people getting the New Year's envelopes.

She appears here as the Hong Kong Bauhinia Xia, who may become a lead in a movie although the movie exists only as a poster at this point. She is also the star of a comic; read about Bauhinia Xia at 21CB and, as usual, Dennis Lee.

Those familiar with Catholic hagiography might see Bauhinia Xia as a 21st century, Chinese, female version of, say, Martin De Porres or Francis of Assisi (but without the organization skills).

Here is Chrissie as Lady Bountiful:

Lots more leather and lace at Sina

Sun Feifei in her underwear

This is how art directors for fashion magazines make their money: coming up with unique ideas like having an attractive actress pose in lingerie and heels.


Zhang Xin-Yi New Year's Photoshoot

Guess what? It's Lunar New Year a time for actresses and models to have their pictures taken with the clothing and props. Zhang Xin-Yi doesn't restrict herself to wearing red and and holding red envelopes although those shots are never ignored:

The always popular silly grin and even sillier outfit.

Yang Mi stills from "All's Well Ends Well 2012"

For those who haven't had a chance to catch the Lunar New Year comedy starring everyone that Raymond Wong could sign, here are a few stills from the shoot including this one when a prop person very carefully places a ring on Yang Mi's finger while being watched by a few other members of the crew.
Yahoo China

Michelle and the giant eclair

Michelle Reis put on her red dress (but left the high heeled sneakers at home) to raise money for something at Harbour City. In addition to meeting some of her fans she checked out the Museum of Yummy Treats, something no visit to the area should miss.

She seems to be sticking to her decision to retire from the movie business so we will have to be content with occasional public appearances.

If you ever need someone to sell furnaces in Hell or refrigerators on the North Pole...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fan Bingbing at 13

Looking straight into the camera with all the confidence in the world is FBB when she was thirteen years old.


Xudong Dong welcomes the new year

Bombshell actress Xudong Dong and her cheekbones wish all her fans Kung hei fat choi. She posed for a Hong Kong film magazine with appropriate props but with a skirt that was almost the same shade of red as the backdrop. Art directors can have a hard life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Li Bingbing attends Paris Dior haute couture show disguised as Ni Ni

Zimbio is quicker than any other image service for pictures of Chinese actresses appearing at European fashion shows. They occasionally slap random names on images before releasing them to the diva starved masses; in this case tagging Ni Ni as Li Bingbing, the type of error they have made in the past. Here is "not Li BingBing" from Zimbio:

Interesting to note the action just beyond Ni Ni in the pictures above. In the top picture the mustachioed, black-suited grumpy looking guy is directly behind Ni Ni so the scene is dominated by a scrum of jostling humanity, trying to push their way to the next show or (possibly) into the frame of the photo. In the second one he forms a human backdrop for the shot of the star and her outfit.

CRI had her with Sidney Toledano, CEO of Christian Dior Couture and interim head of design Bill Gaytten--managing not to identify him as Marc Jacobs.

More ladies in red

An improbably elongated (a combination of unfortunate camera angles and sloppy Photoshop work) Xu Xi-Yan lounges on the stairs.

Fiona Sit (The Fortune Buddies) was at Tuen Mun Town Plaza in a short cheongsam to pass out red envelopes and hype a new album.

Gillian and Charlene were all smiles as the Twins made headway in a dragon boat.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Backstage at the Beijing Pop Music Awards: contrasting reactions.

Jane Zhang Liangying won the award for the Mainland's Best Female Vocalist at the Beijing Pop Music Awards. Backstage at the photo-op she looked like a teenager who had just received a Nokia flip-phone for her birthday when she expected an Apple iPhone 4S. This is one very unhappy young lady who seems ready to throw her trophy on the floor and storm out. Every bit of her body language from her hand on her hip to her steely glare to the casual hold she has on the award just bristles with unhappiness.

Yang Mi won a best newcomer award and looked thrilled about it. Backstage she seemed to be in "just happy to be here" mood.

Bibi Chou (Zhou Bichang) with her nerd glasses and multi-zippered black leather took a middle road, looking professional and pulled together, neither so bored she just couldn't stand another minute nor wide-eyed with wonder at it all.