Thursday, January 19, 2012

Backstage at the Beijing Pop Music Awards: contrasting reactions.

Jane Zhang Liangying won the award for the Mainland's Best Female Vocalist at the Beijing Pop Music Awards. Backstage at the photo-op she looked like a teenager who had just received a Nokia flip-phone for her birthday when she expected an Apple iPhone 4S. This is one very unhappy young lady who seems ready to throw her trophy on the floor and storm out. Every bit of her body language from her hand on her hip to her steely glare to the casual hold she has on the award just bristles with unhappiness.

Yang Mi won a best newcomer award and looked thrilled about it. Backstage she seemed to be in "just happy to be here" mood.

Bibi Chou (Zhou Bichang) with her nerd glasses and multi-zippered black leather took a middle road, looking professional and pulled together, neither so bored she just couldn't stand another minute nor wide-eyed with wonder at it all.


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