Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zhang Ziyi and Ruby Lin cross paths

Zhang Ziyi and Ruby Lin meet and gave a master class in the art of the air kiss.

Later Zhang Ziyi, wearing a not completely unattractive and certainly striking dress was pursued by demented looking fans and members of the press.


Cecilia Cheung in Milan

Zhang Bai Zhi is in Milan where, according to Ifeng, everyone who works for her thinks she is a lovely person. Her manager, her assistant, her hair stylist and her make-up artist (plus, according to the group picture, at least one other hanger-on valued employee) think that they are like a family. Given the uproar in Cecilia Cheung's family recently that might not be the best image.

This, I believe, is Kelvin, the hair stylist, showing just how ironic on person can be without becoming one with his stingy-brim hat and hipster facial hair.


Lin Chi-Ling in Chinese "GQ"

The staggeringly gorgeous Lin Chi-Ling poses for the Chinese edition of "GQ", showing that fashion magazine editorials (as fashion mag flacks insist on calling them) are pretentious and vapid in any language. Lin-Chi-Ling would make a burlap bag look elegant.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Three pictures of Karen Mok

The first two are from the set of "Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011", probably stills taken during rehearsals including how to hold what looks like a very real prop butcher knife. They are obviously from Ifeng but I didn't make a note of the url and couldn't find it later in the every changing and (for me, at least) very difficult to navigate site. I have found that if the pictures aren't from one of the five stories in Ifeng's "Star Gallery" I won't find them again.

I do have the url for this one but it is pretty stupid, titled "Karen Mok Gives Hope to Single Women". It says that if Karen--wealthy, staggeringly beautiful, multi-talented and just full of KarenMokishness can find true love then other single women in their 30s and 40s should be able to do so. Nice picture though.


Qin Lan works on her sexy pout.

First up is Qin Lan, perhaps making too much of a good thing with sultry glances, come-hither smiles and seductive expression. Or maybe not.


Yang Mi in "Harpers"

Actress Yang Mi has a photo spread editorial in the current Chinese "Harper's Bazaar". It was picked by by Sina and Ifeng, both of which thought it had a "retro" look.

The images on Ifeng are larger than those on Sina; significantly so in the vertical formatted pictures.

All that is solid melts into air--except The Twins.

Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi had a press appearance in support of some project and were given an award. Gillian was weepy, Charlene was comforting and together they were as cute as a box full of puppies. Gillian Chung seems to have taken the heaviest career hit of all those involved in the Edison Chen scandal since she and Charlene had such a squeaky clean image.

The machine translated caption for this picture had "ten year message" in it although it doesn't say if that Charlene's message is about the last ten years or the next ten years. And it might be just a dodgy translation. If anyone would like to interpret, please do.

Getting an award from a very earnest looking presenter.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Low overhead indeed

I couldn't resist this perfectly outrageous Google translation of a few pages from ifeng recently. The Chrome browser automatically translates pages in a language other than English (or other than the language for which the browser is set). Machine translation of Chinese to English works about as well as one might imagine, particularly if one has been reading unintentionally risible subtitles on Hong Kong movies for years.

Here is a screen shot untranslated:

Here it is translated on the fly into the "Googlespeak" version of English:

Using the MDGB online Chinese dictionary, a service that uses Google for its basic translation but then gives multiple possible meanings for each Chinese character, I think the caption would be closer to "A famous actress wearing a low-cut dress apeared at a night club where her male fans fell all over each other in thier eagerness to shoot a photo looking down the front of her dress."

Miss Low Overhead:


Friday, July 22, 2011

Brigitte Lin Book

I suggest everyone head over to Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver for Dennis Lee's post with some wonderful pictures of Brigitte Lin, one of the iconic figures of the Jade Screen. She made over 100 movies in about 20 years including some that will be celebrated 100 years from now such as "The Bride with White Hair", "Dragon Inn" (1992) and "Peking Opera Blues". The pictures are from her newly published book "Inside the Window, Outside the Window" which is, according to CNN, "a tell-all memoir, including her past love for another woman and her rejected application to join the communist party."

The book's official release is at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2011 which should be packed to the rafters. It should be worth braving the crowds to get a copy and possibly a glimpse of its author who is appearing at the book launch.


Fan Bingbing in Nice for Cosmo

Chinese "Cosmopolitan" may be quite a bit different from the magazine published in the United States that features cutlines on the cover like "77 Sex Positions in 77 Days", and is a lurid, not quite upmarket women's/fashion magazine for those not ready for the faux-sophistication of "Vogue". Whatever else is in the August issue of "Cosmopolitan", Fan BingBing got the cover and several pages inside.

Sina has the same images but much larger

Tang Wei and the rest of the "Wuxia" gang in Taiwan

Maybe it is her heavy-lidded eyes combined with her undisingenuously sweet smile that make Tang Wei one of the sexiest Chinese actresses around but whatever it is she has a real showstopping face. Simply gorgeous. This was the Taiwan premiere for "Wuxia".

What did Takeshi Kaneshiro do to himself? Or is this just a strange angle?

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