Friday, July 29, 2011

All that is solid melts into air--except The Twins.

Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi had a press appearance in support of some project and were given an award. Gillian was weepy, Charlene was comforting and together they were as cute as a box full of puppies. Gillian Chung seems to have taken the heaviest career hit of all those involved in the Edison Chen scandal since she and Charlene had such a squeaky clean image.

The machine translated caption for this picture had "ten year message" in it although it doesn't say if that Charlene's message is about the last ten years or the next ten years. And it might be just a dodgy translation. If anyone would like to interpret, please do.

Getting an award from a very earnest looking presenter.


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  1. I think caption #11 summarizes it best: Gillian melancholy, Ah Sa lively.

    Even when Gillian smiles, it always has that forced look. It seem to come more naturally for Charlene.

    Twins are celebrating their 10th anniversary together and have been promoting their photo album "3650" (365*10). I guess leap years weren't included in the math. :D