Tuesday, November 27, 2012

49th Golden Horse Awards--Kwai Lun-mei, LBB, Lin Chi-ling...

Kwai Lun-mei was named Best Actress at the 49th Golden Horse awards held Saturday, breaking an otherwise clean sweep by artists from Hong Kong and the PRC.

Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing presented the award. LBB's dress looked beyond conservative and almost too dull although it was a great color.
Kwai Lun-mei looked pretty amped at winning for her role in GF*BF:

And seemed to not quite believe it as she exited--this is also where we see that Li Bingbing's dress wasn't quite as conservative as it looked from the front.


With Lau Ching-wan who won Best Actor for Life Without Principle:

Qi Xi with her trophy for Best New Actress for Mystery:

Liang Jing won Best Supporting Actress award for Design of Death:

Lin Chi-ling almost stole the show and dominated the coverage in much of the Chinese entertainment press--Sina ran a story with 67 pictures of her in this dress. It was designed by Versace and possibly constructed by Taiwanese engineers that build cantilever bridges:

All the "netizens" were suitably outraged at her when she mimed a kiss with Huang Bo before presenting the Best Picture award:

Denise Ho and Mavis Fan were in the audience and on the red carpet. Denise Ho, who recently, to the surprise of no one at all, came out as a lesbian had a real "don't mess with me" look:

Mavis Fan looked great--and pretty tough herself--in her tattoos and little black dress:

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