Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angelababy in Venice

Angelababy made the rounds for Tai Chi 0 last week at the Venice International Film Festival and spent an afternoon looking pensive on a concrete jetty. First the photocall for Tai Chi 0 in a sleek printed Herve Leger number based on his iconic bandage dress.

Showing a few of her Tai Chi "pushing hands" stances:

There was a completely generic shoot on a nondescript part of the waterfront. It could be filed under the heading "we flew halfway around the world for this?" since the images could have been done anywhere with some concrete and water.

Looks like Angelababy packed only one pair of shoes, cheap looking open-toed stilettos that might have been purchased at Stripper Heels R' Us that she wore for both the photocall and on the waterfront.

Glamor personified on the red carpet for the premiere of Tai Chi 0 accompanied by Tony Leung Ka Fai who cut an elegant bella figura himself.

Sina; China Entertainment News; Zimbio

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