Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zhang Ziyi at the Toronto International Film Festival

Zhang Ziyi with the producer, director and co-star at the photocall for Dangerous Liaisons, looking as if she would rather be anywhere but onstage in Canada's world city. Appearing stern, annoyed or bored (or all three) Zhang Ziyi went through the paces to get some publicity for the film.

The term "grim smile" seems almost self-contradictory...but here are a couple of examples:

She loosened up a bit while addressing the assembled press.

Her mood lightened up for the premiere of Dangerous Liaisons, after she ditched the outfit with the purple feather epaulets for a knockout modified column dress.

The same group as the picture at the top of this post with our heroine flashing some cleavage and hitter a 1000 watt smile.


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