Monday, February 25, 2013

Lin Peng, Fan Bingbing in Hollywood

Fan Bingbing dropped in at a couple of Academy Award events Sunday evening with a bet less fanfare than during her annual conquests of the Cannes Film Festival. First the red carpet in a  very pink ball gown:

Hair and make-up was almost too flawless--even with the skilled and experienced make-up technicians available for the biggest American movie bash, it must have taken some time to assemble all the parts for this look:

A bit later it was off to the after-Oscar party given by The Weinstein Company, on of those gala functions that aren't really important unless you aren't invited. But she was (one assumes--FBB didn't have the air of a gate crasher) having changed into something a bit more practical:

The comments from "netizens", as rendered in Googlespeak by automatic translation seemed more grumpy and grouchy than the not unusual run of mean spirited trashing, complaining that Fan Bingbing doesn't have a movie out so why was she there and that her left arm is fat (odd).

Nothing to whine about with Lin Peng--she has had a busy couple of years with six films released in various parts of the world in 2011 and 2012. Her appearance was described in the running translation as "a big show of hot body wearing a black thoracotomy dress,"a description I couldn't improve on if I tried for a year.

  Sina Xinhua Sina


  1. Have you seen these pics of Li Bingbing and Fan Bingbing at the Vanity Fair after-party?


  2. I did indeed and just posted them above.