Monday, February 18, 2013

Brigitte Lin and Gong Li pictures from 1994 movie set

Some pictures that must have been shot by the unit still photographer on the set of The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains. There are typical stills that might be used for publicity, shots of technicians working with--actually around--the two actresses and candid (or at least candid looking) images of them relaxing between takes while remaining in costume and makeup.

A couple of official stills:

This could be blocking changes with techs on hand to make sure the costumes drape properly in the new set up:

Whatever is going on here, the folding chairs weren't part of the final shot:

Just a couple of superstars sitting around talking:

Sharla Cheung Man also starred in The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains (wearing a long white beard) but she unfortunately wasn't included in this sequence.

Xinhua; Chinese Films

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  1. Hi, I like this movie and I watched it twice. I am just glad to post about it.

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  2. Hi ewaffle --

    Looking at those pictures, it's hard to believe that Brigitte Lin's actually 11 years older than Gong Li, isn't it?

  3. YTSL--

    That is exactly what I thought when first encountering these pictures. Amazing comparison--I knew there was a significant difference in age but had to check their birth dates to make sure it was such a gap.

    Brigitte Lin all but retired from the screen after this picture so for many of her fans (other than those of us who troll the Chinese entertainment press, set picture alerts and otherwise continue to seek her out) that is as old as she will get.