Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sun Fei-Fei's clothing ripped off onstage; the show goes on

"Esquire" magazine had its annual bash in Beijing at Tsinghua University. Sun Fei-Fei suffered from a living nightmare as her dress was stepped on as she was walking on stage. The stepper, identified only as "the host" (as far as I could tell) looked a bit too maliciously gleeful in some of the pictures from the event. As you can imagine they are everywhere in the Chinese entertainment press.
It looks as if she decided to keep standing on Sun Fei-Fei's dress until it fell off.

The final result.

The way she looked before the mishap.

Her assistant earned an entire year's salary, moving quickly with a blanket--and having one close at hand or knowing where one gets a blanket backstage at a big event.

Award shows stop for no one, though. The parade of singers, TV and movie stars and the occasional accused fraudster continued. Dresses stayed on; the only really odd thing was that it looked as if everyone decided to wear the same nude platform pumps, no matter if they matched their outfit which they generally did not.
Gorgeous Zhang Jing Chu in a purple beaded velvet number with, oddly enough, a matching watchband.

TV actress Sung Ning in an outfit possibly inspired by this fall's big success, the Stella McCartney hourglass (or illusion) dress.

Liv Tyler in the real thing.

Huo Siyan is a knockout in a backless dress and long strings of pearls.

Singer Coco Lee in a lot of sequins.

Zhang Mi and her daughter (whoever she is) in a look somewhere between Cleopatra and the Kardashians.

Gallen Lo and his wife Sophie Su Yan go for a controlled wardrobe malfunction but couldn't compete with the real thing.
Ifeng has lots of pictures; Yahoo China has two articles, one of Sun Fei-Fei and one covering everyone else. Also CRI, Xinhau and lots more.

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