Monday, December 5, 2011

Carina Lau for Swarovski...Note to Xinhau editors: Slang in a language not your own can be tricky

The Swarovski people are pushing jewelry made with their crystals and signed Carina Lau to pick up a few baubles and look good while doing so. The headline is unfortunate, at least as rendered by Google translation: Carina Lau MILFs seductive debut self-examination is not to celebrate birthday. The characters in question seem to translate as "middle-aged but still attractive woman/lady of a certain age" and "seductive"; MILF may not have been the term they were looking for or may not mean what they think it does.

More pictures and the text in Chinese at Xinhua.


  1. Yeah, but it grabs your attention doesn't it?

    Can't decide if I like her red dress. The sleeves are a bit too weirdly pouffy. I guess it would be otherwise too plain. Like the cap, though.

  2. Great little hat--the dress could have been chosen as a background for the big crystal necklace she is wearing but the sleeves overwhelm it. Looks too close to something a circus performer would wear.