Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PRC to tighten rules on film content while leaving standards undefined

The State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) of the People's Republic has promulgated a set of 13 categories that filmmakers are banned from promoting--or, one imagines, even mentioning in a way that might embarrass someone somewhere. According to an article in Sina the categories include (which may mean that they are not limited to just these):
incitement to resist or undermine the Constitution, laws, administrative regulations; to promote religious fanaticism, religious harmony harm, hurt the religious feelings of religious citizens, undermine religious citizens and non-religious civic solidarity; publicity drug, rendering terror; teach crime method; against the legitimate rights and interests of minors or harm minors, physical and mental health.
Retranslating from Google, the SARFT regulations prohibit anything that even hints at politics, criticism of the military or civil authorities and anything else the PRC culture vultures feel might cause problems. While this seems to have been the case already the new rules may show the level of concern of the CPC leadership regarding the spread of subversive ideas through social media and their willingness to crack down on all forms of expression that might be threatening. According to the Associated Press the new rules also ban anyone from carrying explosives or radioactive material into cinemas. Surprising that wasn't already prohibited.

Some coverage in Chinese and English: Sina; CBS News; Salon; AP

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