Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Li Bingbing in her underwear

Following links in partially translated pages of the Chinese online entertainment press is usually a fool's errand; I often find myself lost in a virtual wilderness of blogs, microblogs and ads for strange products. Very occasionally though, one can stumble upon pure gold which was the case recently. Below are some uncontextualized pictures of Li Bingbing wearing lingerie that might border on fetish gear. As far as I could tell there was no ad copy nor pointers to where one might find the items for sale.

The entire post/article/whatever is here. Searching under "tuku.27" brings a long list of Chinese web sites that point to some user generated content pages.

There is an odd reticence regarding the provenance of the photos. Chinese entertainment media aren't shy about grabbing images and slapping their own logos or watermarks on them, right next to or over the logo of the site that owns the image. In this case check the upper left hand corner of each picture--looks like a quick and dirty Photoshop obscuring of a logo.

Not sure what this outfit is but the gloves don't add anything to it

If you want to see the rest of the pictures click on the link above--and if you can figure out what the world of tuku.27 is an email or a comment would be greatly appreciated.

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