Monday, August 29, 2011

Black lace at the 2012 Huabiao Awards

The government sponsored Huabiao awards are given every other year where official PRC stamps of approval are stuck on movies, directors, actors and actresses. There was a lot of glamor on the red carpet in Beijing the other day but it wasn't all grace and style.
Gong Li hits the floor while Chow Yun Fat looks on

Zhou Xun is not thrilled holding hands with Yan Ni

Still wishing she were somewhere else

A curvier than usual Zhang Ziyi in black lace by Tom Ford. The dress was said to have been flown from Ford's New York City studio for her.

Angelababy in black lace

Li Yuan takes the black lace look about as far as it could go in Beijing

Zhang Wu with a dress slit up the there

Joey Yung had the strange dress and odd shoes award all to herself

Zhang Ziyi helps Zhang Gou Li with his cool dude shades as Wong Kar-Wai looks on approvingly

Huang Xiaoming, Tang Wei and Sammi Cheng; a lot of great hair in this shot

Zhou Dong-Yu is left in middle of stage while others are busy exiting and entering

Gong Li

Zhang Ziyi

Li Yuan

Zhang Wu

Xinhua; Sina;F-paper; Variety


  1. Some very pretty ladies! Thank you for sharing!

    Who is the lady in the gold dress, with Angelababy in #6 and with Zhang Wu in the last one?

  2. I don't recognize her--she may be someone with an official behind the velvet rope function since there are glimpses of a few women dressed exactly like her in the backgrounds of some images from the event.

  3. Thanks. I think you might be right.