Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stardoll--for the manly man

Sales of chainsaws, muscle cars and large caliber firearms have dropped significantly since men have discovered the magic of digital "paper" dolls. Alerted to this trend by duriandave at SoftFilm I checked it out and quickly fell under the spell of dressing images of my favorite actresses. The wardrobes are a bit limited with shoes, purses, belts and jewelry in short supply. A combination of squinting and suspension of disbelief helps the dolls resemble actresses.

It isn't necessary to join Stardoll--just go to this url and either scroll through the list of available names (most of which I couldn't identify) or just type a name into the search window if you are so inclined.

I was and here are a few of the results.

First, Faye Wong. Her stardoll looks unhappy, probably because it is so easy to dress her inelegantly and give her a silly hair color.

Bai Ling's doll, on the other hand, seems pleased with this outfit even though Bai Ling herself isn't often seen in a layered look:

Gong Li is usually dressed in the latest creations from Louis Vuitton, Givenchy or Marc Jacobs since she is a spokesman for their parent company LVMH but she may run down to the corner to grab a newspaper once in a while and even Gong Li must get tired of wearing floor length gowns with plunging necklines and needs at least one casual outfit--and perhaps even a henna rinse.

More from the stardoll front as things develop. You have been warned.


  1. Poor Faye Wong! From what I've seen, her outfits aren't very flattering.

    But Bai Ling, on the other hand, looks smoking hot. I think she is my favorite stardoll.

    Your "buying a newspaper" look for Gong Li is pretty cool. Considering how lame the choices were for her stardoll, it's probably the best possible outfit. Still, she should have had some gowns in her closet...

    Looking forward to your next batch! ;)

  2. Teeheehee and thanks for the amusing post, ewaffle. The stardolls are great but what really is the icing on your cake are your comments about why you dressed them they way you did, etc. :D

  3. Yes, the comments "make the outfit", as they say!

  4. The entire thing is a bit odd--or more than a bit--but trying to figure out the various stardolls on the terms in which they were presented showed that Bai Ling looks (to the extent that any of them "look" anything other than strange) quite relaxed and happy while Faye Wong seems really angry about something.

    Gong Li's representation is pretty close to accurate on one level--she has spent so much of her time over the years being photographed that she can automatically hit a neutral to not unhappy look. And, based on the closet provided for her by Stardoll she probably would have gone with the jeans and jacket look.

    I realize after reading this over that it might sound more than a bit unhinged...