Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maggie Q as the new "La Femme Nikita" on the small screen.

It started with Anne Parillaud in Nikita. In truth it started for me with this poster in the lobby of one of the few art house cinemas in snow-bound industrial wasteland of southeast Michigan:
One look convinced me that La Femme Nikita, as it was renamed for U.S. release, was a must see movie.

Then there was Briget Fonda in the U.S. remake, Point of No Return (or perhaps No Point For This Movie) that wasn't really bad, just a step down in every way from the original. Since one critic wrote that Nikita meant the end of French cinema since it was so obviously based on the worst of American film the remake might have at least legitimized the original since it had to be remade.

Peta Wilson made a name for herself in the many seasons of La Femme Nikita which we watched back in the days when we still watched TV. There were many decent stories spread over three or four episodes and some excellent single shows. Plus more than a few duds but it showed that the formula worked.

One of what I assume to be many "re-imaginings" of the concept was the Hong Kong movie starring the all but divine Jade Leung, Black Cat plus its remakes.

Any action movie with Jade Leung is worth watching--or at least worth watching her in it.
(Source HKMDB)

Now The New York Times announces that Nikita will star the actress Maggie Q "in the title role as a spy and assassin for a top secret U.S. government agency," the CW said in a news release. It is something of a reboot for the La Femme Nikita film, television and book franchise.

(Source deamonstv)

This picture from Live Free or Die Hard could well be the kind of action we will see Maggie Q in on the new Nikita 


  1. You know, I'm one of the few straight males who's not smitten with Maggie Q (or Scarlet J. for that matter) but this looks interesting. I think Maggie on the small screen in this kind of thing could be something cool.

    I have 3 Jade Leung DVDs buried somewhere in my collection which I should probably watch again one day.

  2. I also am not Maggie Q's greatest fan--while she has a certain charm and screen presence she isn't overly burdened with talent as an actress and, while it is certainly a personal choice, I don't find her terribly attractive. I wasn't really wild about Peta Wilson but felt quite differently after the first 4 or 5 episodes of "La Femme Nikita" so sometimes the role and the actor are a such a perfect fit that one sees her in a different light.

    Not sure if this will be Maggie Q's breakout role, of course.

    Jade Leung is a different matter entirely. She is gorgeous and, especially given some of the crap movies she has toplined, very talented. After your recent trip to HK you must have a a very long list of stuff to watch but you might want to get her on the list.

  3. i'm excited to see this when it comes out. i like maggie q. (especially that she's a spokesperson for vegetarianism) and girl kicks ass.