Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fan Bing-Bing and Li Fei-Er close the show at Cannes

The last trip down the red carpet for on the sun kissed Mediterranean shores for Fan Bing-Bing and Li Fei-Er, covered by Zimbio. We aren't quite finished with this chapter of our heroines' lives but this is definitely the beginning of the end.

Li Fei-Er with co-star Zi Vi:

And as is generally the case you can find more pics from dleedlee.


  1. Fan Bingbing looks absolutely fabulous! Just perfect -- from her dress and hair to her makeup and earrings. And that silver star purse is adorable.

    I might have to give her a second chance as an actress. (I'm afraid I couldn't make it through Glenn's recommendation, The Contract Lover.)

  2. Haha. duriandave: you didn't find it a charming throwback to a simpler era in HK rom-coms (with a mainland twist)? I think you guys know that when I like an actress, I'm very tolerant and will watch almost anything with that actress. She looks cute here. Who is the other actress?

  3. Glenn, it could have been I just wasn't in the right mood, plus I don't really like Richie Ren.

  4. Glenn--the other actress is Li Fei-Er, also featured in Chongqing Blues.

    Like you I will watch anything (almost anything) with a favorite actress regardless of the quality of the movie surrounding her. Witness much of the dreck that has featured/starred Teresa Mak.

    dave--the star purse is just the right touch--finally a bit of humor or whimsy shows up. Fan Bing-Bing and most of the actresses at Cannes have been stuck in these huge ball gowns for everything which gets boring.

    Re Richie Ren: My attitude toward this actor has gone from "Oh, no" to "Ah, maybe" but I will never be a fan of his.

  5. He was surprisingly good in Fire of Conscience. W/o revealing much of the plot, let's just say that the very RR qualities I don't like were put to good use. I am now a fan. Maybe.

  6. There was another mainland film similar to Contract Lover made a couple years earlier thats's quite good, called simply The Contract

    I'm not a fan of Richie Ren/Jen either, but I've read that he was pretty good in Fire of Conscience.

  7. I think you guys would hate Call for Love if you didn't like Contract Lover. It's a Mainland "comedy" with Fan Bing-Bing available on a pretty poor DVD from YesAsia (maybe there's a HK ed. of the DVD by now).