Saturday, July 18, 2009

Karen Mok, Shanghai and elsewhere

A video of Karen Mok and Danny Boyle at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Karen Mok looks like she was born to strut on the red carpet while Danny Boyle looks a bit stiff. Actually really stiff. Things are more casual at Shanghai then Hollywood or Cannes--at 16 seconds into the video three women, possibly ticketholders looking for their seats, come through the same door that the celebrities used, begin walking straight toward the camera and then sheer off.

NOTE: Turn the sound down before playing this clip. IT IS REALLY LOUD

There is a larger copy at Karen

A few more pictures although not from Shanghai, simply because she is Karen Mok.

Saving the baby seals with the Hong Kong SPCA, pictures from the Taipei Times.
From the Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong, March 2009 wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress. Note that she has changed watches for each picture, probably three different models from a watch company she endorses. The patterned hose may have looked great at the awards butnot in the pictures.

Pitching her perfume line in Shanghai

A screen cap from "So Close", a movie which everyone in the world should see many times.
One thousand thanks to duriandave for some handy and timely advice on videos.

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