Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Li Bing-Bing and Brigitte Lin

Is Li Bing-Bing in Detective Dee channeling Brigitte Lin from Ashes of Time or Swordsman 2?

Probably not although Lam Ching-ha would certainly be an appropriate actress to emulate, particularly in this role.

Dennis Lee had posted some stills of Li Bing-Bing from the currently shooting Detective Dee and her look of fierce determination, her intense concentration and even the angle of her head makes me think of Brigitte Lin in some signature roles.

Or maybe it is that Brigitte Lin's look is so iconic that any Chinese actress will echo some part of that look in a similar scene.

Li Bing-Bing:

Here is Brigitte Lin in two images from Ashes of Time:

and one from Swordsman 2:

Or I could just be seeing something that isn't really there at all.


  1. Although she doesn't have Brigitte Lin's intensity, Li Bing-bing definitely has the look going on. Seeing these stills certainly increases my interest in seeing Detective Dee.

  2. Intensity indeed. All Brigitte Lin needs to do is tilt her head and widen her eyes a bit and she becomes an implacable killer about to run you through with a sword. I guess it is a combination of her film acting ability, her very mobile face and the expectations of the viewer.

    Love her.

  3. Hi ewaffle --

    What I see is Li Bing Bing doing her utmost to imitate a cinematic icon... but the thing with Brigitte is that she didn't just pose. Rather, she inhabited roles and made her characters become simultaneously believable as well as larger than life. Frankly, it's not something I've seen an actress be able to truly do in a long, long time. And seeing those Li Bing Bing poses only make me miss as well as esteem Brigitte's cinematic presence all the more. :S