Thursday, July 16, 2009

More from the Shanghai International Film Festival red carpet

Another look at some of the most beautiful actresses in the world on the red carpet at the opening of the Shanghai International Film Festival. As is always the case at events like this there were some great looks along with a few that were stunningly bad.

This is Yuan Li who has the figure to be this generation's Amy Yip. A classic little black dress doesn't distract from her signature look. Since she isn't wearing any accessories this shot may be from a lighting or tech rehearsal.

If Lin Chi-Ling can't make a dress look good no one can. This number looks tacked together from curtains and tableclothes so she can't.

Tang Yan has such a delightful smile that it almost makes you forgive whoever decided to stick her in a dress made from a shower curtain. At least it matches her purse.

And here is Tang Yan in "La Lingerie". She doesn't need a shiny dress to look good.

Charlene Choi and Yumiko Cheng look pleased to be on the red carpet, and to have escaped whatever caused some of the other actresses to wind up in such odd outfits.

Zhou Xun wearing an atrocious gown with the biggest, pinkest bow imagninable. This dress is a bad joke and Zhou Xun looks like she is tired of hearing it. Check out the bottom of the pink shell/cloak/thing in the second picture--it looks unfinished as if someone had grabbed a pink satin sheet, tied a big bow and hit the hem with pinking shears backstage just before she came out. She has a real "When will this be over" look. From the casual standing-around look of the background in the top picture it might also be from a rehearsal and by the time of the official red carpet walk she really understood the horror of her outfit.

In contrast to the unfortunate Zhou Xun, here is Huang Yi in a perfect combination of a little black dress with simple but lovely accessories. Less can be more.

To end this post on a positive note, Chen Hao is delightfully coquetteish glancing over her shoulder in a blue dress--great color for her--with a deep U back.

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