Saturday, January 18, 2014

Vivian Chow to star in new Giddens Ko film

Vivian Chow has decided to make the world a better place by starring in a new film by Taiwanese novelist/director Giddens Ko, the translated working title of which is "Waiting for Someone's Coffee". She was at a press conference touting the movie and looking as Vivian-Chow-ish as ever:

A reporter to her left may have asked something stupid/impertinent:

Anyone responsible for marketing ungainly dresses that could only look good (or in this case barely acceptable) when worn by a strikingly beautiful woman should move heaven and earth to have her photographed in one of them. Like this one, for example:

The face that launched a thousand ships:

Vivian Chow seems to have reached the point in her career and her life where she can chose projects based on factors other than the need to work, the quality of the script or who else is involved in the movie. One of the main reasons she is on this picture is that it is a quick commute from Hong Kong to Taiwan--another is that Giddens Ko used every connection he had and pulled every string he could find to convince her that she was essential to success.

While we are on the subject of Vivian Chow, here are couple of unlikely images of her from the delightful but sadly no longer updated "Girls with Guns" section from Alex Smits' site.

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