Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gao Yuan-Yuan stops traffic in Shanghai

Gao Yuan-Yuan put on her red dress, skinny gold belt and gold pumps to appear at what was helpfully described in the Mainland entrainment press as "an event". She ran through a quick manual of arms for handling a microphone:

A few minutes earlier the scene was more hectic outside the auditorium. The traffic control sign painted on the pavement (looks temporary) probably says either "park here" or "don't park here". Nice ride.

Gao Yuan-Yuan is the calm center of the storm, looking unruffled in the midst of the usual bunch at a celebrity appearance. Paparazzi, interested onlookers and people just trying to get across the street, all kept in check by uniformed policemen. She was trailed by the usual thuggish security men in nondescript suits and buzz cuts:

Another successful arrival, having shed her (or someone's) coat:

Ifeng; Sina slide

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