Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Something completely different...pepper spray cop photoshops

"Occupy Wall Street" has sparked support gatherings/camps/demonstrations throughout the United States; the reaction by municipal officials and police commanders has been extremely varied. One end of the range was at the University of California at Davis where a university police lieutenant sprayed pepper spray at a group of seated demonstrators. Since the spray is bright orange it made quite a picture, one that was published all over the world. This is from Getty Images through the San Francisco Examiner

It didn't take long before the internet was swamped with images of Lieutenant Pike inserted into cartoons, pop culture pictures and high culture paintings. Here are a few of them that I thought were quite good, aggregated at this tumblr site.

No one was safe--not even Snoopy:
nor was Picasso
or Da Vinci
Oddly enough, spraying dye on baby harp seals is one way that seal protection activists keep hunters from killing them since there is no market dyed seal fur.
The Wizard of Oz even got into the act.
San Francisco Examiner; Pepper Spray tumblr

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