Sunday, November 27, 2011

Red carpet from the 48th Golden Horse Awards

For those interested in the state of relations across the Taiwan Strait, the English language web service of Xinhuanet said that the award ceremony took place in "Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan". A few highlights-- Kara Hui looked fit and relaxed, as glamorous as ever on the red carpet:
And at a nominees party beforehand:

Shu Qi was quite ShuQi-ish:

Hao Lei went with a (very) casual look at the party:
but cleaned up very nicely when it was time to hit the red carpet:

In case anyone missed that Vivian Hsu was wearing an extreme split skirt:
she gave everyone another good look:

Angelica Lee was lovely in red while Rene Liu tries to recall if she brought her travel iron:

Tang Wei wondered if it was going to rain:
Xinhua English; Yahoo China; Xinhau

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