Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shanghai International Film Festival Red Carpet

This is going to be fun. The first of many posts.

Li Bingbing and South Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun for "Snowflower and the Secret Fan".

Not sure if Li speaks Korean or Jeon Ji-hyun Mandarin or if they converse in a third language like French or English. There doesn't seem to be much communication going on here unless someone is saying to someone "Step on my line again and we'll have it out right here:

Lin Chi-ling made the rounds.

Demonstrating the "Taipei Claw", a hold she will use if she decides to get out of the actress/model biz an into professional wrestling:

How dare you!

Fan Bingbing in a dress from the number that Guei Lun-Mei wore last year--kind of a "the same but different".

Guei Lun-Mei in 2010:

She signed autographs at the airport while wearing a funny hat.

SIFF favorite Maria Grazia Cucinotta was there to supply some Euro glamor and cleavage.

Ifeng identified her as Paz Vega who was also there. This is Paz Vega on the red carpet:

More to come. Lots more.

Ifeng Zimbio Sina

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