Sunday, June 26, 2011

Closing of the Shanghai International Film Festival--red carpet pictures

The sun finally came out so our favorites didn't have to slog through buckets of rain and squish across water-logged carpet in their satin pumps. Since the SIFF closed a week ago, these are not really news, but...

The seeming immortal Kara Hui, looking as good as ever.

The Mediterranean contingent: judge Paz Vega

Maria Grazia Cucinotta, SIFF mascot, chair of the "Best New Talent" jury plus costar and producer of the upcoming Chinese-Italian production of "Shi Chu You Yin". The film which also stars Huang Bo, will tell the romantic story of a homely Chinese chef and a beautiful Italian restauranteur.

Vivian Hsu and costar

Miriam Yeung

Two very elegant gowns: Jia Qing

Zhang Jing

Zhou Xianxin

Angelbaby, perky as ever

Lu Sisi

Chinese Films

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